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In terms of the film’s devotion to canon, meanwhile, fans should be more than satisfied by Nolan’s treatment of familiar storylines – especially those whose conclusions probably come as little surprise (although they won’t be spoiled here). Perhaps most importantly, the caped crusader remains the root of the entire ensemble, and unlike in past films – okay, the previous “Batman” series -- never takes a back seat to his adversaries. And it’s his troubles that provide the foundational themes for the rest of the characters, and the story as a whole: after eight years of inactivity, Bruce is convinced that he’s neither able to save Gotham nor redeem himself, no matter how desperately he wants to. Bane wants to fulfill the destiny of Ra’s Al Ghul – which was thoroughly detailed in “Batman Begins” -- which means enabling Gotham to destroy itself and rebuild atop the rubble. And Selina Kyle is a criminal desperate for a fresh start, but unable to find a legitimate way to seek redemption.


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watch the dark knight rises online: As both Batman and Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale’s work here is master-class, and he gives the character such an inescapable melancholy – a certain perseverance in the face of absolute resignation to his fate – that he becomes a more tragic figure than ever. That said, he’s aided enormously by a never-better Michael Caine, who turns with hope and palpable love what might otherwise be expository dialogue into searing, supportive criticisms of Wayne’s self-destruction. And even as sexed-up and skintight as Michelle Pfeiffer’s charms were in “Batman Returns,” Nolan’s Catwoman is the best cinematic rendering of the character to date, allowing Anne Hathaway sex appeal, humor and real humanity in equal measures, not to mention motivation that places her on equal footing with her male counterparts without making her a fetish object who’s ultimately subject to them.

Watch Dark Knight Rises Online Free: On the other hand, after being marketed as heir to the Joker in "The Dark Knight," Tom Hardy’s Bane is a different sort of villain – a focused and more ideologically-developed version of Heath Ledger’s anarchist – but one with equally ruthless charm. After brutally taking control of a building, he surveys his hostages, and offers one of them an almost-friendly “what’s up” nod. As many obstacles as Bane faces as a compelling character – chief of them being his face covered almost entirely, and constantly, by a mask which also obscures much of his dialogue – Hardy juxtaposes an almost jaunty vocal intonation with a sort of monolithic, chilling stillness, creating a villain worthy of the series’ rogue’s gallery without making him purely redundant.

Watch Dark Knight Rises Movie Online : It should be interesting to see precisely how the film translates to home video given the number of times within a scene the frame switches from IMAX to a traditional film format, but cinematically the film is gorgeous, meticulously constructed and seemingly effortless in execution, even with so many moving parts racing towards what is ultimately a both narratively and thematically cohesive finale. More importantly, however, is how it fits into the summer’s conversation about the Big Important Issues that are preoccupying us, even when we’re walking into darkened theaters and asking only to be entertained.

Download The Dark Knight Rises : When he donned the famous Batman cowl for the first time, Christian Bale felt anything but heroic. The mask for filming 2005’s “Batman Begins” may have been specially molded for Bale’s face, but he still had trouble catching his breath.He knew he could portray the emotionally damaged billionaire Bruce Wayne, seeking revenge for his murdered parents. The issue was, could he become Wayne’s caped alter ego?“I thought, ‘I can't do this,’ ” the 38-year-old British actor told the Daily News as he slid into a director’s chair to talk about his hotly anticipated final Batman epic, “The Dark Knight Rises.” The movie opens Friday.

Download The Dark Knight Rises Movie Free : “The claustrophobia was so extreme, and I couldn’t take the mask off by myself. So there was this tightness — my head was being squeezed,” Bale recalls. “I had to adjust my breathing, because I was seeing stars.His first feeling in that moment? “ ‘I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this,’ ” he says. “So I said, ‘Can everyone just leave me be for 20 minutes? Let me sit here by myself.’ ”Bale used that time to psych himself up to go on, ultimately through three installments of director Christopher Nolan’s epic “Dark Knight” trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises Download : Almost a decade after that near-panic attack, he wrapped his final scene in the iconic costume for “Rises.” It was there, on the rooftop of a Manhattan building alongside co-star Anne Hathaway — who was in a Catwoman catsuit — that it dawned on him this was the end of an era.“So again I said, ‘Can you please leave me alone for 20 minutes?’ ” Bale says. “I sat there for a while realizing, ‘This is it — I’m never going to be putting this [costume] on again.’ I was absorbing the weight of the moment. The trilogy has meant an awful lot to me.”

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: “The Dark Knight Rises” means an awful lot to millions of moviegoers, too.It is the end of an era. There is inevitable studio pressure when a movie series dominates the box office. (“The Dark Knight,” from 2008, earned $1 billion worldwide and held the No. 2, and then the No. 3, top box-office spots for years.) But Nolan vows that he will not return for a fourth go-around.“Batman is going to outlive us all,” Nolan says. “But I’m done with it. I’ve told my story.”

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: The last chapter opens with Bruce Wayne having retired his cape after intentionally framing his secret identity, Batman, for the murder of district attorney Harvey Dent. He did it to preserve the rep of the late D.A., who, unbeknownst to Gotham City, had become the murderous Two-Face.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: It has been eight years since Batman vanished into the night, turning, in that instant, from hero to fugitive. Assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight sacrificed everything for what he and Commissioner Gordon both hoped was the greater good. For a time the lie worked, as criminal activity in Gotham City was crushed under the weight of the anti-crime Dent Act. But everything will change with the arrival of a cunning cat burglar with a mysterious agenda.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: The fourth trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” has hit the Interwebs, and apart from relatively few shots fans haven’t already seen in other coming attractions, there are some new lines of dialog.In “The Dark Knight Rises,” Bruce Wayne has apparently taken something of a hiatus filling the cape and cowl of his alter-ego Batman, and as a result, Gotham City goes to pot.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: Apart from apparently furious throngs of 99-percenters tearing rich people out of their mansions, the city falls victim to the terror of Tom Hardy’s Bane, a nightmarish villain forced to subsist on a mysterious, power-enhancing gas. Eventually, Batman gets off the sidelines and back in the game, probably when Wayne tells Alfred in the trailer, “I’m not afraid. I’m angry.”

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: The trailer also shows other castmembers including Anne Hathaway both in and out of her Catwoman attire, and returning players Morgan Freeman as Bruce Wayne/Batman’s tech expert Lucius Fox, and Michael Caine as Wayne’s loyal friend and butler Alfred.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: It’s Alfred who gets the only funny line in the intense spot, consoling a cane-clutching Christian Bale: “Don’t worry, Master Wayne: takes a little time to get back into the swing of things.”“The Dark Knight Rises” opens nationwide July 20.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: Fans already know the marketing site contains a map that lets you “Hit The Streets” of Gotham. There, you can choose between several destinations to explore, one of which is the Applied Sciences lab at Wayne Enterprises. Earlier today, that location revealed a new secret letter from Lucius Fox written to Bruce Wayne, and the lengthy letter provides fans with clues about what might be going on behind Bruce’s back at his company.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: For starters, Lucius makes it clear Bruce has been “missing in action” from the company for quite a long time, and further that Bruce apparently isn’t even willing to see visitors at his home. It appears, then, that at the start of the film we’ll see a Bruce Wayne who sequesters himself at home. “Alfred tells me I am better off writing as you are not receiving any visitors at the moment,” says the letter, demonstrating just how much of a hermit Bruce has become.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: It’s also clear from the letter that Wayne Enterprises has moved more toward philanthropic investments to try and help Gotham City, including one special project that seems to be sucking up an awful lot of funding in Applied Sciences. And the company’s board of directors are starting to ask questions — questions Lucius can’t easily answer. This is causing a power struggle within the company, and Lucius asks Bruce to speak to him about these problems face to face. “[O]ur R&D spending has been on an astronomical uptrend,” Lucius writes, and he continues, “I am being put into a position where I have to answer certain questions,” before mentioning one particular special project I’ll talk about in a moment.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: We’ve all seen the trailer shots of Bruce with a long beard, walking with a cane, and seeming to wander around Wayne Mansion in a bath robe. This new letter probably confirms the movie begins with an injured, emotionally damaged Bruce Wayne who prefers staying home and avoiding interaction with other people. What’s the source of the injuries forcing him to use the cane? I’d guess his fall at the end of The Dark Knight did more damage than we realized.

Watch Dark Knight Rises Online: A bigger mystery, though, is what precisely Lucius means when he references the energy project in Applied Sciences. Lucius specifically notes he’s being asked a lot of questions, “particularly about your energy project.” The letter goes on to note “a vast amount of capital” is being spent on that project. If you’ve seen the opening sequence from The Dark Knight Rises — released in theaters attached to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol to give viewers a glimpse of Batman’s newest enemy in the film, Bane — it revealed hints about a scientist and some potential weapon design. Might that be relevant to Lucius’ remarks about some new “energy project” at Wayne Enterprises? Or is it something entirely different?

Watch Dark Knight Rises Online: You can head over to to look for more clues, including helping unlock brand new unseen footage from The Dark Knight Rises by entering codes after you log in. It takes 5 million total codes for the footage to be revealed in the Bat Cave portion of the “Hit The Streets” map (in the very top position), and there’s a long way to go, so hurry up bat-fans! There are also contests to win a copy of the movie script signed by Christopher Nolan and free tickets to the first showings of the film on opening day in select cities, plus lots of great gear from the film as well.

Watch Dark Knight Rises Online: A new trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” was just released, a month before the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy is slated to hit the big screen on July 20.Although it contains much of the same footage introduced in the last trailer and the six-minute preview released in December, the new trailer adds several new scenes that will spark some speculation among fans of the comics, most notably a face-off between Batman (Christian Bale) and villain Bane (Tom Hardy).

Watch Dark Knight Rises Online: In the scene, Bane calls the Caped Crusader by name — “Mr. Wayne.” We see a few blows, then the trailer cuts to Bane walking away, Batman’s shattered mask in hand, leaving fans to wonder if Nolan drew from the punishing fight scene that left Bruce Wayne with a broken back in the comics’ “Knightfall” arc.The new trailer gives a glimpse of Anne Hathway’s Selina Kyle sporting cat ears, a closer look at the flying vehicle that could be the Batplane and Bane attacking what looks like the stock exchange, furthering the Occupy Wall Street vibe that earlier trailers seemed to channel.

Watch Dark Knight Rises Online: The trailer also spotlighted some supporting characters, including John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Alfred (Michael Caine), though apparently missing from the trailer is Marion Cotillard’s mysterious character, who shared a sexy kiss with Bruce Wayne in the last trailer.

Download Dark Knight Rises Movie: In a short but sweet Dark Knight Rises TV spot — the first since tickets for the July 20 release went on sale — a few new details emerge, or at least are reinforced. Gotham has finally become the peaceful city Bruce’s father envisioned, judging by the exchange between Gordon (Gary Oldman) and copper John Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt). “When you cleaned up the streets, you cleaned them good,” says Blake. “Pretty soon, we’ll be chasing down overdue library books.”But as we know, it can’t last. “It’ll liven up in a minute,” says Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle. “Trust me.”

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: Two things of note, at least for me. In previous clips, when Bane says, “I’m Gotham’s reckoning,” I’d always assumed that he was gripping Bruce Wayne’s head in his palm. But with these extra frames, it’s clear that it’s not Bruce — probably some elite Wall Street banker? — a blessing for our hero since it appears that Bane then moves to rip the poor man’s face off.

Watch The Dark Knight Rises Online: The other development is the resolved bromance between Bruce and his tech mentor, Lucius Fox, explored in a previous teaser. But I wonder about the chronology of the scenes we’re seeing here. When Fox is “showing off” with the new flying Bat, Bruce looks a little too dressed up and pleased with himself for the city to be under siege. He looks like he’s still on top of the world, with the exception of that cane. This must be during their “just for old time’s sake” conversations. It seems that Fox hasn’t held a grudge against Bruce for his assumption of too much power to catch the Joker. In fact, he’s eager for Bruce to resume his duties from the beginning. Bruce’s desperate plea to get back in the game — and Lucius’s reluctance — must come later in the film.

Watch Dark Knight Rises Online: It's pretty bold to say that something will never happen whether you're talking about something as simple as eating meat or making a movie. But in the case of The Dark Knight Rises producer Emma Thomas, who is also the wife of Christopher Nolan, we're inclined to believe her statement that the filmmaker will never be in the director's chair of another Batman film following the conclusion of his trilogy. In an interview with SFX Magzine (via, Thomas was asked of the possibility of Nolan returning to the universe of the Caped Crusader and she definitively said, "No, never. No, that's truly a never.


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